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Who are today's thought leaders for advanced business intelligence?

Daman created BI Vision to provide a forum for thought leadership and the multilateral exchange of knowledge and information relevant to Advanced Business Intelligence. Specifically, BI Vision focuses exclusively on the cutting-edge of the industry, exploring the most forward-thinking concepts, technologies and methodologies. To this end, we offer several venues for discourse:

BI Vision Conferences feature leading experts addressing timely, real-world issues in Advanced Business Intelligence. Each conference covers a broad range of topics, chosen to respond to current challenges in the industry. Read about upcoming events and our recent conference in Houston, TX.

BI Vision Seminars are targeted, half-day events that offer an opportunity to hone in on the details of a specific Business Intelligence topic. These in-depth, focused seminars offer plenty of opportunity for interaction and Q&A. Sign up for a seminar in our new series, "The Next-Generation Warehouse," in Dallas or Houston.

Visionary Program
The Visionary Program has developed a collection of white papers that cover the gamut of Business Intelligence subjects, from forward-looking concepts like real-time data warehousing, to best practices in OLAP. There are two ways to access this treasure trove of information: read the archived articles available on this site, or sign up for our Visionary Program and get the latest white papers delivered to your email inbox. Visionary subscribers also receive special offers and discounts on our seminars and conferences..

Guru Sessions
Learn from the experts by signing up for a Guru Session, a one-on-one meeting with a Business Intelligence specialist. Request a private guru session now!

Speaking Engagements
Need a good presenter for your next event? Through BI Vision, you can gain access to a host of experienced Business Intelligence presenters. View speaker bios, abstracts and sample presentations.

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